Department of Fire and technological safety of facilities and technologies

Department of fire and technogenic safety of facilities and technologies


It is a structural subdivision of the Faculty of Fire Safety of the National University of Civil Defense of Ukraine.

The scientific-pedagogical staff of the department is a union of scientists and practical workers, who at one time held managerial positions in the units of the State Emergency Service (Emergency Ministry/Ministry of Internal Affairs) of Ukraine. Such a combination of science and practice allows to conduct classes at a high professional, pedagogical, scientific and methodical level according to the training plan of specialists.

The department is a guarantor of educational and professional programs:

"Fire Safety" training of higher education applicants at the first (bachelor's) level in the field of knowledge 26 "Civil Safety" specialty 261 "Fire Safety";




"Fire and man-made safety audit" at the first (bachelor's) level of higher education, specialty 261 - Fire safety, field of knowledge 26 - Civil safety;



"Fire safety" at the third (doctor of philosophy) level of higher education, specialty 261 - Fire safety, field of knowledge 26 - Civil safety.




List of disciplines taught at the department:

1. Entry to the profession.
2. General electrical engineering.
3. Fire safety of electrical installations.
4. Electrical engineering and safety of electrical installations.
5. Fire safety of technological processes.
6. Fire safety of objects of increased danger.
7. Insurance relations, mandatory.
8. Basics of a risk-oriented approach.
9. Basics of a risk-oriented approach in fire safety.
10. Audit of fire and man-made safety.
11. Safety of potentially dangerous technologies and productions.
12. Fire safety of production.
13. Industrial safety of modern production technologies.
14. Man-made safety of objects.
15. Fire safety of industrial facilities and risk management.
16. Instrumental means of scientific research of fire safety problems.


The purpose of the department's activity:

• provision of high-quality professional training of specialists at the first (bachelor's), second (master's) and third (doctor of philosophy) levels of higher education in specialty 261 "Fire safety";
• conducting scientific research related to the activities of the State Emergency Service;
• raising the level of teaching of academic disciplines and modernization of the educational process;
• strengthening fruitful cooperation of the department with practical workers and scientific and pedagogical workers of other educational and scientific institutions


Our contacts

tel/fax - 057-704-14-39

Head of Department (093) 3123755
Deputy Head of the Faculty (066) 7154946
Full time education (budget) (093) 2925049
Full time training (contract) (066) 2891537
Distance Learning Form (050) 9795611

94 Chernyshevska street, Kharkiv, 61023 Ukraine