Department of Automatic Security Systems and Information Technologies

The department employs 2 doctors of science, 6 candidates of science, 2 professors and 6 associate professors.

The scientific interests of the department's employees cover almost all areas of civil protection..

The department reads such disciplines at different times:

  • Automation of early detection of emergency situations.
  • Automatic control and devices for measuring environmental parameters.
  • Automatic fire protection systems.
  • Fire and man-made safety audit.
  • Investigation of fires.
  • Information systems and technologies in the tourism industry.
  • Control and management of chemical and technological processes.
  • Mathematical modeling and optimization of security systems.
  • Basics of information technologies.
  • Applied information technologies in the practice of scientific research.
  • Applied information technologies in the field of fire safety.
  • Automatic control and surveillance systems.
  • Modern information technologies.
  • Theory of information in the field of security.

The department provides the educational process of full-time education stationary on the basis of the Institute of Education in Cherkasy, where it has been relocated since June 2022, and remotely with students.
The staff and employees of the department took part in meetings of the academic council of the university, meetings of the academic council of the faculty, various solemn events, meetings, the opening of the sports day, in the general university line-ups, graduations, rehearsals and conducting the ritual of graduation of the masters of the university.
Oleksiy Antoshkin serves as the Chairman of the Board of Curators of the Faculty of Fire Safety of NUCU. During his absence, the duties of the Chairman of the Board of Curators of the Faculty of Fire Safety were entrusted by the decision of the Head of the Faculty, Andrii Romin, to Associate Professor of the Department, Vyacheslav Dureev.

Our contacts

tel/fax - 057-704-14-39

Head of Department (093) 3123755
Deputy Head of the Faculty (066) 7154946
Full time education (budget) (093) 2925049
Full time training (contract) (066) 2891537
Distance Learning Form (050) 9795611

94 Chernyshevska street, Kharkiv, 61023 Ukraine