For entrants to the budget form of study

The following categories of applicants are accepted to the Faculty of Fire Safety for training for obtaining a bachelor's degree in full-time study on a public order:

  • Citizens of Ukraine who meet the established requirements for service in civil protection bodies and units, aged 17 to 25 years, who have completed comprehensive secondary education;
  • members of the rank and file officers of the Civil Protection Service under 25 years of age who have completed a comprehensive secondary education;
  • persons of ordinary and junior commanding staff of the civil protection service who have obtained the educational qualification of a junior specialist (in case of entry into the same or related specialty within the field of knowledge).

Participants who have expressed a desire to study at the Faculty of Fire Safety under the state order, personally submit a paper (report) in paper form to the organ or department of the SES, closest to their place of permanent residence, which form the cases of the entrants, send the entrants for mandatory passing of medical examination and psychophysiological research in accordance with SES regulations. The priority set by the participant in the statement (report) cannot be changed during the introductory campaign.Cases of persons who have to enter full-time studies to obtain a bachelor's degree by state order are forwarded to the National Research Center of Ukraine by units for work with personnel (personnel) by July 1, 2020.

For admission to the Faculty of Fire Safety, the entrant submits to the admission committee a certificate (s) of external independent assessment, issued in 2017, 2018, 2019 or 2020, which is a national requirement for admission to all higher education institutions of Ukraine in 2020. To apply for public procurement in 2020, it is necessary to submit certificates of external independent assessment in the Ukrainian language and literature and mathematics. It is obligatory to take the entrance examination for physical education, which will be held at the university, within the timeframe defined by the admission rules (approximately from July 11 to July 17). The results of the entrance examination for physical preparation are evaluated on a 100-point scale (from 100 to 200 points) and are taken into account in the competition for admission along with the number of points indicated in the certificate of external independent evaluation. The minimum number of points for each competitive item must be at least 100 points. The final competition score for admission to the training on the state procurement in 2020, according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, should be at least 125. 

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