Department of Fire and technological safety of facilities and technologies

Educational and methodical work

An integral part of the department is the development and creation of teaching of subjects taught at the department. In recent years, published books and manuals:

  • "Electrical and fire prevention in electrical" (authors: A. Kulakov, V. Rosoha)
  • "Theoretical Foundations of fire prevention processes and devices" (authors: O. Mikhailuk, V.Oleinyk, G. Mozgoviy)
  • "Identification of high-risk" (authors: O. Mikhailuk, V.Oleinyk, A. Mikhailuk)
  • "Fire safety cables" (authors: I. Domnich, R. Kravchenko, A. Kulakov, I. Solodovnikov, I. Harchenko)
  • "Fire safety of high-risk" (authors: O. Mikhailuk, V. Oleinyk, I. Krisa, P. Bilim, A. Teslenko).

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