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The Faculty of Fire Safety is the successor of the system of training firefighting specialists at the Kharkov Fire and Technical School of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR, Kharkov Institute of Fire Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, and the Academy of Fire Safety of Ukraine. Today it is a faculty of the National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine.

The faculty includes:

  • administrative management apparatus;
  • four departments employing more than 60 scientific and teaching staff;
  • five courses of cadets (higher education graduates by government order) with more than 230 persons;
  • five courses of students (higher education students at the expense of individuals and legal entities) with more than 330 students;
  • five higher education upper-level courses for more than 240 students.

The teaching staff of the faculty prepares graduates of the university for all educational programs, educational degrees and forms of education, but is directly responsible for the training of specialists of engineering and preventive specialty "Fire Safety" in educational degrees "bachelor" and "master".

The main tasks of the faculty are:

  • carrying out educational activities for the training of specialists of all educational degrees;
  • providing conditions for mastering the system of knowledge about the person, nature and society, forming a socially mature, creative personality, educating a morally, psychologically stable and physically healthy generation of citizens, forming a public position, patriotism, self-worth, readiness for work, responsibility for their destiny, the fate of society, the state and humanity, the provision of high ethical standards, an atmosphere of benevolence and mutual respect in the relations between employees, teachers, cadets, students, students ;
  • studying the demand for certain specialties in the labor market and facilitating the employment of graduates;
  • creation of a comprehensive scientific and methodological support of the academic subjects taught at the faculty and constituting the sectoral component of the higher education standards in the field of civil protection, as well as the university higher education standards;
  • search and implementation of effective forms of integration of training and research work with the activity of practical units;
  • cooperation with domestic and foreign educational institutions, their structural units, scientists, specialists, international organizations for the purpose of training, joint scientific research, exchange of experience in the organization of the educational process and scientific research.

The graduate of the faculty of fire safety has the opportunity to occupy all positions in the staff of the Main departments (departments) of the State Service of Ukraine for emergencies of the regions of Ukraine, other bodies and divisions of the SES of Ukraine, in the relevant structures of business activity regardless of the ownership forms, whose activity is connected with the provision of fire facility safety and firefighting products.

For example, these include positions in fire departments, technogenic safety departments, regulatory and technical control and fire protection systems departments, sanctions and analytical control departments, licensing sectors, units of response and preparedness units, fire fighting and emergency management departments. subdivisions, departments for training and organization of subdivision service, technical support departments, material support departments and facilities operation about.

Graduate of the Faculty of Fire Safety is in demand in the labor market of Ukraine and international level.

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