Work of curators of training groups

Chairman of the Board of Curators of the Faculty -
Lecturer in the Department of Automatic Security Systems and Information Technologies
lieutenant colonel of civil protection service
Antoshkin Oleksiy

The activity of curators at the faculty is organized in accordance with the “Procedure for organizing the work of curators of study groups at the university” (annex 8 to the order NUCDU from 24.09.2014 №165). In the presence of ten or more curators at the faculty for the term of the academic year, a board of curators is composed of at least three persons simultaneously with the election of the chairman of the board. At a faculty where there are fewer than ten curators, the curatorial meeting is openly elected by the chair of the faculty curators for a term of the academic year. The Council plans its work for the academic semester, taking into account the tasks of educational and educational work. The Board of Curators participates in the selection of curators, coordinates their activities, provides them with methodical and practical assistance, disseminates positive curatorial experience and listens to the meetings of the curators and those responsible for their work. The Board of Curators has the right to make proposals to the management of the divisions to improve the training of cadets and students, and to request the encouragement of curators and those in charge.The curator has the right to attend all kinds of classes of cadets and students according to their individual curricula; submit proposals to the head of the faculty to encourage cadets and students or to bring them to disciplinary or administrative responsibility; submit suggestions for improving the educational process and activities of curators.

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