Department of Fire prevention in settlements

The Department of Fire Prevention in Settlements is a structural unit of the Faculty of Fire Safety of the National University of Civil Defense of Ukraine.

The scientific and pedagogical staff of the department is a union of scientists and practitioners who once held senior positions in the SES (MOE / MIA) of Ukraine. This combination of science and practice allows at a high professional, pedagogical, scientific and methodological level to conduct classes according to the curriculum of training.

The department is a guarantor of educational programs for higher education at the second (master's) level of education in the field of knowledge 26 "Civil Security" specialty 261 "Fire Safety".

List of disciplines taught at the department:

  1. Fire safety of territories, buildings and structures;
  2. Stability of buildings and structures in case of fire;
  3. State supervision in the field of fire safety;
  4. Fire water supply;
  5. Methodology and organization of scientific research;
  6. Standardization, metrology and certification in the field of fire safety;
  7. Fire safety systems of objects;
  8. Fire prevention in settlements;
  9. Entry to the profession;
  10. System analysis and modeling in fire safety;
  11. Methods of processing quantitative indicators of fire danger;
  12. Innovative engineering and technical measures of fire safety;
  13. Buildings and structures and their behavior in a fire;
  14. Audit of fire and man-made safety;
  15. Organization of scientific research.

The purpose of the department:

• providing quality professional training for specialists in the first (bachelor's), second (master's) and third (doctor of philosophy) levels of higher education in the specialty 261 "Fire Safety";
• conducting research related to the activities of the SES;
• raising the level of teaching disciplines and modernizing the educational process;
• strengthening the fruitful cooperation of the department with practitioners and research and teaching staff of other educational and scientific institutions.

Our contacts

tel/fax - 057-704-14-39

Head of Department (093) 3123755
Deputy Head of the Faculty (066) 7154946
Full time education (budget) (093) 2925049
Full time training (contract) (066) 2891537
Distance Learning Form (050) 9795611

94 Chernyshevska street, Kharkiv, 61023 Ukraine