Research activities

Department of Fire Prevention in Settlements

The main directions of scientific activity of the department:
- study of fire resistance of building structures;
- study of the behavior of building materials under the influence of high temperatures and methods of their fire protection;
- study of fire and technical properties of building materials;
- assessment of the level of fire safety of facilities;
- research of problems of smoke protection of buildings and structures;
- research of methods of conducting tests on water supply of water supply networks, analysis of possibility and expediency of use of cranes of apartment fire extinguishing for residential high-rise buildings.

Employees of the department regularly take part in scientific and practical conferences held in Ukraine and abroad.





Defense of dissertation research by Yury OTROSH on the topic

"Technical condition of reinforced concrete structures under force and high temperature influences"

for the degree of Doctor of Sciences in specialty 05.23.01 - building structures, buildings and structures

Defense of dissertation research by Nina RASHKEVICH on the topic

"Prevention of emergencies at the landfill of solid waste with liquidation of energy-intensive technological equipment"

for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in specialty 263 - "Civil Security"

Defense of dissertation research by Serhiy VAVRENYUK on the topic

"Mechanisms of public administration of higher education reform in Ukraine"

for the degree of Doctor of Sciences in specialty 25.00.02 - mechanisms of public administration.


Our contacts

tel/fax - 057-704-14-39

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