Educational work

The department includes four domain-methodical commissions:

1. Fire prevention in settlements
2. Buildings and structures and their behavior under fire
3. Organization of fire prevention work
4. Special Water supply

Nowdays, Department of Fire prevention in settlements is one of the producing departments of the National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine, which provides teaching on the following subjects:

1. The buildings and structures and their behavior under fire;
2. Fire prevention in settlements;
3. Fire water supply;
4. Organization of fire prevention work;
5. Safety of buildings and structures;
6. Safe usage of engineering systems and structures;
7. Utilities and communications.

All these subjects are profile subjects and are closely related to the basic sciences - physics, chemistry, mechanics and others. At the same time discipline with a fire-preventive direction generalize and use the experience and methods of supervisory functions over compliance with fire safety facilities.

lecturer of Department Andrey M. Chernuha conducts practice session


During year at the Department regularly conducted classrooms and field sessions at the different technological object of Kharkiv, including Kharkiv subway, state enterprise "Bread of Ukraine", "Svitlo Shakhtera" plant and others.
Department's auditorium fond equipped with modern computers, stands, boards, posters, visual samples.
The department holds regular competition in professional disciplines among cadets and students of the University.

Associate Professor Anatoly G. Kosse conducts practice session


Lecturer of Department Igor B. Fedyuk conducts practice session

Our contacts

tel/fax - 057-704-14-39

Head of Department (093) 3123755
Deputy Head of the Faculty (093) 3123751
Full time education (budget) (093) 2925049
Full time training (contract) (063) 1641796
Distance Learning Form (066) 3834185 

94 Chernyshevska street, Kharkiv, 61023 Ukraine