Methodically work and publishing


The department developed:

  • evaluation standards for general and specific indicators of physical fitness;
  • Typical applications of fitness (physical education) taking into account the spectrum of individual (objective and subjective) characteristics and level of preparedness;

The department maintains and develops scientific and creative relationships with related organizations and institutions. Since 2002 is a scientific and methodological collaboration with the departments of computer science, biomechanics, arts HDAFK, NDPU "KPI" and other educational institutions of Kharkov.


As a result of research department "speed-strength training cadets and students during classes and training in skiing," designed and created guidelines that the implementation in the educational and training process in the ski training, as a section of physical preparation and use them in the classroom for physical training of cadets and students of higher educational institutions Ministry of Ukraine. The results included in the NCI study guide "Ski training" is published under the imprint of MES.

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