Scientific and research work

The department conducts routine research work.
The main priorities and directions of work are:

  • study of micro -, meso - and macrocycle physical preparation of cadets and students.
  • research and development of recommendations on solving issues of regulation loads of different orientation in the process of general and physical preparation;
  • development of methods for systematic monitoring of physical fitness servicemen of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine in various (annual, three-year, five-year) cycle training;
  • optimization problems and develop recommendations on conducting classes on general physical training, as a basis for special training (fire and applied sport and special training for a few professions MOE).

Our contacts

tel/fax - 057-704-14-39

Head of Department (093) 3123755
Deputy Head of the Faculty (093) 3123751
Full time education (budget) (093) 2925049
Full time training (contract) (063) 1641796
Distance Learning Form (066) 3834185 

94 Chernyshevska street, Kharkiv, 61023 Ukraine